Table 1.

The 2-year effect (February 1994 to February 1996) of 3 stem supports on height, diameter, and stem taper of Pyrus calleryana.

TreatmentHeight increase (cm)Top diameter increase (cm)Center diameter increase (cm)Bottom diameter increase (cm)Trunk taper (mm/cm)
Double-stake82.3 a*24.4 a2.44 a1.73 a2.08 a2.06 a2.26 b2.36 a0.092 b0.146 ab
Bio-Tie79.3 ab15.2 a2.44 a1.54 a2.38 a1.68 a2.87 a2.00 a0.137 a0.177 a
Tree Saver61.0 b12.2 a1.54 a1.19 a1.75 a1.35 a2.44 b1.62 a0.091 b0.129 b
  • * Means in the same column followed by a different letter are significantly different at α ≤ .05 using the Scheffe multiple comparison procedure.