Table 1.

Potentially saltwater spray tolerant trees deemed inappropriate for planting along Atlantic Avenue for various reasons.

Aesculus hippocastanum—Horsechestnut (not heat tolerant, too large)
Ailanthus altissima—Tree of heaven (fruit litter)
Ilex chinensis, I. opaca—Chinese and American hollies (spiny leaves)
Juniperus virginiana—Eastern red cedar (not a shade tree, insects)
Morus spp.—Mulberries (fruit litter)
Nyssa sylvatica—Blackgum (too large)
Picea pungens—Colorado spruce (not heat tolerant)
Pinus thunbergiana—Japanese black pine (sharp needles, cones, nematodes)
Populus alba—White poplar (weak wood, invasive roots)
Prunus spp.—Flowering cherries (insects)
Quercus phellos—Willow oak (too large)
Quercus virginiana—Live oak (difficult to transplant, leaf and fruit litter)
Robinia pseudoacacia—Black locust (thorns, insects, sucker growth)
Sabal palmetto—Cabbage palm (not cold hardy)
Taxodium disticum—Baldcypress (too large)
Ulmus pumila—Siberian elm (insects, weak wood)
Washingtonia robusta—Washington palm (not cold hardy)