Table 1. Results of analyses of variance in height, caliper, and diameter at breast height at Root’s Nursery and Nittany Trees Nursery.
VariableSource of Variation
VarietiesShelters(v)Blocksb × vb × s(v)
Root’s Nursery
height year 1**nsnsns
height year 2**ns*ns
height year 3**nsnsns
height year 4***nsns
caliper year 2**ns**
caliper year 3**ns*ns
caliper year 4***nsns
dbh year 2**nsnsns
dbh year 3**nsnsns
dbh year 4**nsnsns
Nittany Trees
height year 1**nsnsns
height year 2**nsnsns
height year 3***nsns
caliper year 1**nsns*
caliper year 2****ns
caliper year 3****ns
dbh year 1***nsns
dbh year 2**ns*ns
dbh year 3**nsnsns
  • * = significant at 0.05% level.

  • ns = nonsignificant.