Table 2.

Red oak terminal and lateral shoot growth following terminal bud cluster pruning treatments.

Bud pruning treatmentzTerminal shoot length (cm)Lateral shootDistance from the base terminal shoot to the lowest elongating lateral bud (cm)
No. elongatinglength of longest (cm)
Lateral bud pruning54a4.3a33b10.0a
Terminal bud cluster removal51a3.5b43a7.4ab
  • z Bud pruning treatments: intact, no treatment; lateral bud pruning, lateral buds in terminal bud cluster were removed leaving the terminal bud intact; terminal bud cluster removal, the terminal 2.5 cm of the terminal bud cluster was removed and the upper most intercluster bud was taped to re-establish a central leader.

  • y Means within a column followed by different letters are significantly different from each other at the alpha=0.10 level using the Student-Newman-Kuels test.