Table 1.

Annual height growth (feet) and mean caliper (inches) presented by varieties, shelter treatments, and years for Experiment 1.

VarietyHeight GrowthCaliper Growth
No ShelterShelterNo ShelterShelter
Year 1Year 2Year 1Year 2Year 2Year 2
Acer griseum*0.50a0.31 a0.65a1.20a0.67a0.40b
Cercis canadensis-0.15b2.74a0.07a2.33a1.02a0.73b
Cornus ‘Celestial’*0.79b2.12a2.33a2.40a0.87a0.67b
Magnolia ‘Merrill’*0.32a0.78a0.12b2.17a0.68a0.66a
Magnolia stellata*0.35a0.72a1.83b2.93a0.52a0.52a
Malus ‘Adirondack’0.56b1.31a0.60b1.41a0.79a0.52b
Syringa reticulata
‘Summer Snow’*
  • For each variety, year 1 and year 2 means within treatments were compared.

    Varietal means with the same letter do not differ significantly from one another in height between years, or in caliper between treatments.

  • * indicates a variety with a significant difference in two-year height growth between shelter treatments.

  • √ indicates that the associated value is significantly lower than the value for the other shelter treatment in the same year and variety.

  • identifies a mean which is not significantly different from other means despite large apparent differences, because it is based on only three highly variable measurements.