Table 2.

Tree survival findings from previously published studies of PHS street trees.

Study objectiveSurvival outcomeYears since plantingSample sizeNotes on methodsCitation
Determine annual survival rate95.5% annual survival2–10151Limited to Acer campestre; mortality rate includes both missing and standing deadRoman & Scatena (2011)
Evaluate survival and growth of bare root versus balled-and-burlapped planting stock95% cumulative survival for bare root, 96% for balled-and-burlapped2.6 average1,411Limited to commonly planted species, randomly blocked by year; missing trees were not included in mortality rateJack-Scott (2012)
Evaluate survival and growth to estimate future benefits59% cumulative survival; 87% annual survival3–51,742All species included; sampling based on neighborhood groups; mortality rate includes both missing and standing deadWidney et al. (2016)