Table 1.

Monitoring data collected by Tree Checkers on recently planted street trees. Methods based on the Urban Tree Monitoring Field Guide pilot test (Roman et al. 2017) with vigor following Pontius and Hallett (2014).

Mortality statusWhether the tree is alive, standing dead, removed, stump, or never planted
Crown vigor classA holistic assessment of overall crown health, ranging from class 1 (healthy with little fine twig dieback and no major branch loss) to class 5 (dead)
Trunk circumferenceCircumference of the trunk generally recorded at 1.37 m (4.5 ft) depending on tree form; multi-stemmed trees recorded below the fork; exact height used is also recorded
MulchAssessment of mulch based on PHS recommended practices (good, poorly done / too much, too little, none)
Weeds/trashPresence/absence of weeds and trash in the soil pit
Inadequate waterPresence/absence of insufficient water, based on field crew feeling for soil moisture
Bark damagePresence/absence of damaged bark
Broken branchesPresence/absence of broken branches
Suckers/sproutsPresence/absence of root suckers / basal sprouts
Root flare buriedPresence/absence of root flare above the soil line; buried root flare indicates tree was planted too deep
Tree photoPhotograph of the whole tree in the context of its immediate surroundings