Table 1.

Products and label rates used to compare efficacy of chlorantraniliprole and other insecticides in trials against pests of woody ornamental plants (reduced rates were also tested in some trials).

Active ingredientTrade name% AILabel rateManufacturerTargetz
Applied as foliar sprays chlorantraniliproleAcelepryn18.40.312 ml/L (4.0 fl oz/100 gal)SyngentaAll
carbarylSevin SL432.5 ml/L (32 fl oz/100 gal)BayerJB, RS
bifenthrinTalstar P7.90.78 ml/L (10 fl oz/100 gal)FMCJB, OLS, HLB, OA
B. thuringiensisThuricide150.52 ml/L (6.7 fl oz/100 gal)BonideBW
spinosadConserve11.60.47 ml/L (6.0 fl oz/100 gal)Dow AgroSciencesETC
Applied as basal drenchy chlorantraniliproleAcelepryn18.424.25 ml/m (0.25 fl oz/ft)SyngentaAll
dinotefuranSafari 20SG2018.6 g/m (0.2 oz/ft)ValentBLM
imidaclopridMerit 75WP756.43 g/m (0.07oz/ft)BayerBLM, BP
imidaclopridMerit 2F219.39 ml/m (0.2 fl oz/ft)BayerJB, RS
thiamethoxamMeridian 25WG2512.14 ml/m (0.125 fl oz/ft)SyngentaBLM
  • z JB (Japanese beetle), RS (roseslug sawfly), OLS (oak lecanium scale), HLB (hawthorn lace bug), OA (oleander aphid), BW (bagworm), ETC (eastern tent caterpillar), BLM (boxwood leafminer), BP (boxwood psyllid).

  • y Rates for basal drench are per meter of plant height.