Table 6. Relative mean stem diameter growth (cm, diameter in 1990/diameter at planting) of plants established in 1986.
LocationLegacy MapleCaddo MapleAll Seasons Sug. Hack.Shingle OakEvodia
Manhattan4.23 az3.60 a5.59 a3.47 a14.17a
Hays1.66 a1.32 b1.62 c2.21 a6.45 a
Colby2.75 a2.31 ab---
Tribune2.60 a2.02 b-2.24 a10.28 a
Garden City3.08 a1.61 b4.64 ab2.18a17.67 a
Wichita2.75 a1.75 b2.60 be2.89 a6.93 a
  • z Mean separation by Tukey’s HSD (.05). Means in columns followed by the same letter are not significantly different.