Table 4. The relationship between ROW treatment, plant cover type, and bird population on the Allegheny ROW in August 1988. The percent cover value of each life form is shown in brackets.
ROW wire zoneROW border zoneNo. birds counted per acre per day August 1988
TreatmentCover typeTreatmentCoverWire ZoneBorder ZoneEntire ROW
HandcuttingTree sprout (28%)SC* (53%)Shrub0.83.62.2
MowingGrass-forb-shrub (6%-41%-27%)SBS (66%)Shrub6.717.612.2
Mowing plus herbicideGrass-forb (75%-<l%)SBS (94%)Shrub1.09.35.2
Selective basal sprayShrub-forb-grass (116%-21%-5%)SBS (82%)Shrub9.310.910.1
Stem-foliage sprayGrass-forb (58%-29%)SBS (76%)Shrub5.59.77.6
Foliage sprayForb-grass (14%-24%)SBS (67%)Shrub6.17.56.8
  • * = selective cutting, SBS = selective basal spray