Table 8. Mean foliage and overall quality ratings (1 = very poor and 5 = excellent) of each species and site for the I986 statewide tree planting. Ratings were transformed to normal scores by Tukey’s transformation before repeated measures analysis.
Foliage Quality
LocationLegacy MapleCaddo MapleAll Season S. HackberryShingle OakEvodia
Manhattan3.5 abz4.4 ab4.2 a2.9 bc5.0 a
Hays3.7 ab4.1 b3.7 a3.6 b4.0 c
Colby2.4 c3.0 d-2.5 c4.2 bc
Tribune2.8 bc3.6 c-3.0 bc4.5 b
Garden City2.8 bc3.4 cd3.5 a2.8 bc4.6 ab
Wichita3.9 a4.6 a4.2 a4.7 a4.3 bc
Overall Quality
LocationLegacy MapleCaddo MapleAll Season S. Hack.Shingle OakEvodia
Manhattan3.4 abc4.7 a4.4 a3.1 b4.4 ab
Hays3.6 ab4.3 ab4.2 a4.0 a3.5 c
Colby2.5 d3.4 c-2.4 b4.0 bc
Tribune3.0 bed3.9 b-2.9 b3.7 c
Garden City2.7 cd3.6 c3.2 b3.0 b4.6 a
Wichita4.0 a4.6 a4.2 a4.4 a3.8 c
  • z Mean separation by Tukey’s HSD (.05). Means in columns followed bythe same letter are not significantly different.