Table 3.

Effects of inoculation with G. fasciculatus on increase in height, dry weight of shoots, dry weight of roots, and estimated root length of L. tulipifera grown at three fertility levels (0, 2, and 4 gms N/l of soil media) of Osmocote 19N-6P-12K slow release fertilizer.z

Plant ResponseFertility (gms N/l)InoculatedNoninoculated
Height increase (cm)y00.84 c0.79 c
236.85 a13.39 b
440.66 a16.42 b
Dry weight of shoots (gms)x00.18 d0.15 d
27.07 b0.67 c
Dry weight of roots (gms)x49.41 a1.80 c
20.16 c0.21 c
42.48 a0.48 b
Root length (cm)x03.10 a0.81 b
2566.41 b489.72 b
45012.84 a1411.79 b
5937.86 a1768.76 b
  • z Separation of means by the Newman-Keuls test of significance, 1 % level.

  • y Mean of 13 values.

  • x Mean of 6 values.