Table 1.

Distribution and concentration of fungicides in crowns of elms injected in the root flare or trunk.

Tree pairInjection siteCircum. (mm)Number of sitesQuantity Injected (liters)Time of inject. (minutes)Coveragea twigs (%)Concent, in twigs (Ppm)Coveragea leaves (%)Concent, in leaves (Ppm)
Carbendazim 0.1%
1root flare17601226.411  91.2595.0
trunk17701226.6  5221.6613.5
2root flare1620  1124.3  6372.0804.0
trunk14751021.1  6571.6963.0
3root flare16101324.2  7181.1493.1
4root flare16501124.8  5445.1637.9
trunk16001124.0  5111½6502.7
Thiabendazole 1.0%
trunk16601124.9  777b
trunk16501124.6  641
  • a Trees injected on 7/16/76. Twenty to 30 branches samples on 8/24/76. Current season growth assayed

  • b — not sampled