Table 3.

Results from the multi- and univariate means analyses between selected tree-habitat characteristics and tree mortality patterns (alive/dead) of the Bloor Street trees, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with significant values in bold (analyses performed on subsample, n = 57, except otherwise indicated).

VariableMean of rating (±standard error)MANOVAMeans analysis (P-values)
AliveDeadFP-valueOne-way ANOVATwo-tailed t-testMann-Whitney test
Ca (ppm)3343.34 (±170.22)2845.50 (±219.07)3.310.0740.0740.0790.058
DBH (cm)9.91 (±0.25)8.46 (±0.29)4.750.034<0.001z<0.001z0.002z
EC (dS/m)0.49 (±0.05)0.69 (±0.07)5.660.0210.021y0.0170.032
Mg (ppm)187.57 (±10.40)160.34 (±12.65)4.210.0450.101<0.0010.031
Na (ppm)570.87 (±71.31)847.40 (±138.91)4.630.0360.015y<0.0010.112
pH8.23 (±0.14)8.13 (±0.13)0.260.610.610.590.73
  • z Analysis performed on full data set (n = 133).

  • y Significant for Levene’s test, P < 0.05.