Table 3.

Emergent coded themes on TC2015 volunteer motivations (n = 529).

CodesDefinitionExample quotePercentCount
ValuesIdentifying something as important“I think that the overall project for the continued greening of NYC is very important.”29.1%230
ContributeMaking meaning in one’s life and the world around them“NYC has been caring for me, so I thought I’d give a little something back.”19.6%155
Educate / LearningWanted to learn something“I love identifying and learning about trees, especially those in NYC. This event is a great way to keep learning and help an important effort at the same time.”19.3%153
IncentiveHad an incentive to participate—extrinsic motivation“To earn concert tickets and to learn more about the tree census efforts of NYC and the neighborhoods in which they were occurring”z11.9%94
Fun / EnjoymentSounded fun“A constructive/fun way to support the NYC environment.”9.7%77
Past ExperienceAlready have volunteered, already have experience“I was proud to do it in 2005 and wanted to participate again.”5.3%42
OutdoorsWanted to be outdoors“I love being outside, and it seemed like a great way to get some sunshine and exercise while doing good!”2.8%22
Social / Meet PeopleMeet new people, be around people/family“Learning experience and to meet someone new.”2.3%18
  • z Afropunk offered free concert tickets to individuals who registered and attended a TC2015 event hosted within their TreesCount! adopted area.