Table 2.

Specific problems resulting from TGR injection introduction

Tree Growth RegulatorClipperCutlessPrunitCF125AtrinalSlow Grow
ProblemPercent user complaint
Bark splitting192929506467
Trunk discoloration434050757383
Excessive suckering after treatment131117504583
Grass death adjacent to tree9921382750
Non-uniform distribution throughout the crown573742636483
Localized swelling3342500
Branch escape474054637367
Change in leaf size412946505567
Tree mortality death400000
  • Note. Percentages do not add up to 100 percent due to multiple responses. For example, 34 percent ot those using Clipper complained of weeping. Twenty-nine percent of Cutless users complained of blow out while 54 percent complained of weeping. Conversely 83 percent of Slow Grow users complained of weeping.