Table 1

Landscape changes implicated in root rot

Old (manual) Irrigation was replaced with the new sprinkling system regulated by timer; Sprinkling heads position close to the trunk; Presence of water puddles or moist soil near the root crown26Alnus rhombifolia, A. cordata, Camellia, Cedrus deodora, C. atlantica, Citrus sp., Cupressus macrocarpa, Ficus carica, Juniperus chinensis, Ligustrum japonicum, Persea americana, Pinus radiata, Prunus laurocerasus, Pyracantha fortuneana, Pyrus calleryana, Quercus agrifolia, Q. lobata, Rhododendron, Schinus molle, Taxus bacata
New garden was Installed around the tree, raised flower beds were built aroud the tree base18Catalpa bignonioides, Cedrus deodora, C. atlantica, Citrus sp., Eucalyptus globulus, Fagus sylvatica, Ficus carica, Juniperus chinensis, Malus sp., Pinus radiata, Quercus agrifolia, Q.lobata, Rhododendron, Salix babylonica, Schinus molle, Taxus bacata
New driveway, deck, stone wall, utility line, etc., were constructed12Acer saccharum, Ailanthus altissima, Fagus sylvatica, Quercus agrifolia, Q.lobata, Q.palustris, Q.suber, Shinus molle
Grade was raised - root crown was buried6Acacia baileyana, A. melanoxylon, Eucalyptus viminalis, Quercus agrifolia, Q.douglasii, Q.lobata,
Rhododendrons or azaleas, or camellias were planted under the canopy4Prunus lauracerarus, Quercus agrifolia, Q.douglassi, Ficus carica
Chemical weed control program under the tree drip line was Initiated3Acacia melanoxylon, Quercus agrifolia
Soil poorly drained and compacted around the root zone2Quercus agrifolia, Q.douglasii
New lawn was Installed or the old one was renovated3Citrus sp., Quercus agrifolia, Q.lobata, Olea europaea
Unexplained12Acacia baileyana, Citrus sp., Fagus sylvatica, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Juniperus chinensis, Nyssa sylvatica, Quercus agrifolia, Q. douglasii, Q. lobata, Rhododendron, Shinus molle