Table 1.

Control tactics available to the integrated pest manager.

 Design and plant selection
  Resistant Plants
  High Species Diversity
  Elimination of alternate hosts
 Garden sanitation
Cultural practices
 Timing of fertilization, watering, etc
 Site preparation
 Crop rotation
 Hand removal of pests or diseased plant parts
 Correct pruning and wound care
 Mechanical barriers
Biological controls
 Parasites and Predators
  Naturally occurring
 Microbial products
  Bacillus thurlngiensis
  Milky spore disease
  virus preparations
 Life cycle disruption
  Juvenile hormones
  Release of sterile male insects
Traps and baits
 Pheromone traps
 Yellow sticky board traps
Chemical sprays
 Horticultural oils
 Insecticidal soaps
 Synthetic chemical pesticides