Table 1.

Gypsy moth eradication program summary

No. of acres aerially sprayed with B.t.800500
No. of aerial B.t. applications220
Potency of B.t. forumulation applied8 B.I.U./17.5 B.I.U./
Trade name of B.t. formulation usedDipel 4LBactospeinNA
Sticker mixed with B.t.PlyacPlyacNA
Agency which was responsible for the supervision of the aerial sprayingIllinois Dept. of AgricultureUSDA APHISNA
Spraying datesMay 20-21, May 26May, 26 June 1NA
No. acres trapped on grid system at a density of 3 traps per acre80031350
No. of volunteer trap tenders116507
No. of letters sent to new water billing customers1,4289721,542
No. of inspections made23910
No. of gypsy moth introductions discovered through inspections000
Detection/Delimiting trapping rates32 traps/sq. mile32 traps/sq. mile for 4 sq. miles 9 traps/, sq mile for remaining area of Village36 traps/sq. mile for 1 sq. mile 9 traps sq. mile for 9 sq. miles