Table 2 Survival rates and mean height and diameter of seedlings.a
Species and treatment cm cmHeight percent1981 Diameter cmSurvivalbcmHeightc percent1982 Diameterc percentSurvivalb
Sawtooth Oak
Pin Oak
  • a Height and diameter values include only seedlings surviving unmowed to March, 1982. Survival figures include only unmowed trees surviving in each year.

  • b Pt significantly enhanced survival for sawtooth oak in 1981 (X2 = 8.26, p .02) and in 1982 (X2 = 15.35, p .001).

  • c Between 1981 and 1982, Pt treated sawtooth oak seedlings grew significantly more in height (F = 16.16, p .001) and diameter (F = 15.20, p .001) than Tt and control seedlings. Pin oak seedlings treated with Pt also grew significantly more in height (F = 11.28, p .01) and diameter (F = 14.20, p .005).