Table 1

Seasonal flight periods and suggested treatment dates for clearwing borers, based on pheromone trapping in Lexington, Kentucky, 1979-82.

Borer speciesPrincipal hostsAverage date toNo. of treatments (n) and recommended trt date (s)
First catchPeak catch(es)90% catch
Lilac borerlilac, privet ashApril 26June 9June 25(1) May 6-10
Dogwood borerflowering dogwoodMay 21June 7 and
Aug. 22
Sept. 4(1) May 31-June 4
Peachtree borerPrunus spp.June 1Aug. 9Aug. 29(2) June 18-24
July 30-Aug. 4
Lesser peachtree borerpeach, plum flowering cherryMay 1Sustained heavy flightSept. 1(3) May 11-15
June 22-26
Aug. 3-7
Oak boreroakMay 18May 24June 11(1) May 28-June 1
Podosesia aureocinctaashAug. 10Sept. 1Sept. 16(1) Aug. 20-24