Table 2.

Length of juvenile period in some woody plants. Juvenile period based on the appearance of the first flower under natural conditions.

Rosa (Hybrid tea)20-30 days
Vitis spp.1 year
Prunus spp.2-8 years
Pyrus spp.4-8 years
Citrus spp.5-8 years
Sequoia sempervirens5-15 years
Pinus monticola7-20 years
Malus spp.8-10 years
Hedera helix10 years
Thuja plicata15-25 years
Pseudotsuga menziesii20 years
Pinus aristata20 years
Sequoiadendron giganteum20 years
Tsuga heterophylla20-30 years
Picea sitchensis20-35 years
Quercus robur25-30 years
Abies amabilis30 years
Fagus sylvatica30-40 years