Table 2.

Summary of the ozone levels recorded near the four test sites. The number of days that the 1-hour ozone concentration exceeded the federal standard of 0.12 ppm are listed along with the highest 1-hour ozone levels recorded during the year growing season at each location.

Monitoring Station1No. Days 0.12 ppmHighest Cone, (ppm)No. Days 0.12 ppmHighest Cone, (ppm)No. Days 0.12 ppmHighest Cone, (ppm)
New York City50.1870.1900.12
New Brunswick20.1340.16
  • 1 The New York City monitoring site was within 3 miles of both the Rikers Island and New York Botanical Garden tree plots and the Poughkeepsie monitoring site was within 10 miles of the Cary Arboretum tree plot The New Brunswick ozone data was taken from a site within 13 miles of the Rutgers tree plot.