Table 1.

Summary of the descriptive statistics for each variable.

c (cm)97.4296.8724.2660.87138.4729.16
d (cm)31.2430.967.520.5844.0828.52
g (cm2)1213.341155.46492.69619.472186.3949.08
h (m)9.417.541.125.9813.613.48
cd (m)5.625.601.153.987.7619.17
ca (m2)33.6731.5014.4717.6263.6537.22
  • Note: Average = arithmetic mean of the variable in individuals; Median = divided values of the variable in two equal-sized sets; S.D. = standard deviation; Min = the lowest sample value; Max = the highest sample value; and VC = variation coefficient.