Table 2.

Rates of O3 uptake by 9 shade tree species from an atmosphere containing 0.2 ppm O3.

SpeciesO3 uptake
mg O3/hr/dm2mg O3/hr/g
White oak0.635a1.318b
White birch0.536ab2.347a
Colesium maple0.502b0.991c
Sugar maple0.371c0.863c
Ohio buckeye0.362c0.927c
Redveln maple0.285cd0.911c
Red maple0.272cd0.555d
White ash0.239d0.562d
  • *Mean separation in columns by Duncan’s multiple range test, 5% level. Values represent the mean of 16, 42, 28, 16, 16, 28, 44, 88 and 20 seedlings, respectively. (From: Townsend, A.M. 1974. Sorption of ozone by nine shade tree species. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 99: 206-208).