Example of a Typical Entry:

Pest Species: Schlzura concinna (Smith) (red-humped caterpillar)Lepidoptera: Notodontidae
Natural EnemiesType of natural enemy1Order: FamilyReference code2
Actia pilipennis Robineau-DesvoidyPrDiptera: TachinidaeW2
Apanteles sp.PrHymenoptera: BraconidaeV2
Apantθles schizurae AshmeadPrHymenoptera: BraconidaeP4
Apanteles nigrorufus NortonPrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeS2
Bacillus thuringiensis BerlinerPtEubacteriales: BacillaceaeP4
Campoplex guignardii (Say)PrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeT5.1
Campoplex oedemas?ae AshmeadPrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeB11
Chrysopa carnea StephensPdNeuroptera: ChrysopidaeP4
Compsilura concìnnata MeigenPrDiptera: TachinidaeW4
Enicospilus purgatus (Say)PrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeT5.1
Enicospilus purgatus arcuatus (Say)PrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeS2
Eulimnerium sp.PrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeV2
Eulimnerium validum CressonPrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeW4
Exorista larvarum (Linneaus)PrDiptera: TachinidaeS2
Gymnophthalma (Actia) americana (Townsend)PrDiptera: TachinidaeW4,S2
Hyposoter clisiocampe WeedPrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeS2
Hyposoter fugitivus (Say)PrHymenoptera: IchneumonidaeS2,W4
Microgaster schizurae (Muesbeck)PrHymenoptera: BraconidaeM13
Phorocera claripennis MacquartPrDiptera: TachinidaeW4,S2
Phorocera erecta CoquillettPrDiptera: TachinidaeW4
Winthemia datanae (Townsend)PrDiptera: TachinidaeS2
Winthemia quadripustulata (Fabricius)PrDiptera: TachinidaeW4
  • 1 PR = parasite, Pd = predator, Pt = pathogen, and 2°Pr = secondary parasite

  • 2 B11 Brewer, M., K. Nauman. 1971. On the biology of Parasierolla nigrifemur (Bethylidae), larval ectoparasite of fìhyacionia buollana. Acto. Zool.: Lilloana 26(11): 159-178.

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