Table 1.

Survival of green ash seedlings from various provenances after exposure of root systems to low temperatures.

Seedlot No.OriginSeedling survival after treatment at:
State or provinceAve. Jan. temp.1 °F (°C)−9°C−15°C
KS 147Tennessee40.3 (4.6)0/20/2
KS 190Kentucky36.6 (2.5)0/20/2
KS 188Tennessee35.2 (1.8)0/20/2
KS 253Michigan24.2 (−4.3)2/20/2
KS 207New York23.4 (−4.8)2/20/2
KS 410Nebraska20.3 (−6.5)2/20/2
KS 228Minnesota3.3 (−15.9)2/20/2
KS 93Manitoba0.1 (−17.7)2/21/2
KS 94Manitoba0.1 (−17.7)2/21/2
  • 1 Temperature data for United States locations from U.S. Dept. Agr. Yearbook (Climate and Man) 1941 and for Canadian location from Wernstedt, Frederick L. 1972. World Climatic Data, Climatic Data Press.