Table 3.

Least significance difference (LSD) test results for groups of analyzed urban tree appraisal formulas, appraiser experience, and between appraisers in central Chile.

FormulaAverage rankingHomogenous groupsAppraiser groupAverage rankingHomogenous groupsAppraiserAverage rankingHomogenous groups
Danish method   537.2ASenior1,408.4JAppraiser S21,340.5L
French method   809.1  BJunior1,472.6  KAppraiser S11,360.1L M
CTLA   977.8    CAppraiser J11,419.8L M N
Swiss method1,076.3    C DAppraiser S31,429.1L M N
Peñalolén method1,095.4        DAppraiser J21,476.2    M N
Italian method1,298.0          EAppraiser J31,493.3        N
COPIMA1,382.1          EAppraiser J41,501.1        N
Tedesco method1,752.2            FAppraiser S41,503.8        N
Norma Granada1,892.4              G
Burnley method2,086.5                H
Helliwell method2,106.4                H
STEM2,272.6                   I