Table 2.

Cross-sectional and conducting xylem element parameters for roots of Populus angulata x plantierensis whips for each of the root wire girdling treatments

ParameterNo girdleFull girdlePartial girdle
Cross-sectional surface area (μm2)25556az+2152*21132ab±215215322b±2152
Number of functional vessels8206a±5074547b±5074895b±594
Xylem vessel diameter (μm)x.293ab±0.045.360a±0.045.239b±0.045
Total functional xylem area (μm2)w2429a±338I642ab±3381110b±396
Conductive area (%)v9.4a8.8a8.0a
  • zvalues are the mean of seven independent replications, mean separation in rows at the 5% level.

  • ystandard error

  • xvalues are an average of 20 vessels in each of four quadrants.

  • wnumber of functional xylem x xylem vessel diameter.

  • vtotal functional xylem area cross sectional